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Super Degreaser - Part #57-121

Heavy Duty Mechanical Degreaser
Available in 16oz. aerosol spray

Super Degreaser is the environmental answer to degreasing. It’s biodegradable formula air dries, is non-chlorinated and will not contaminate oil. Super Degreaser removes all oil-based grease (tar, dirt, grime, slime, carbon, engine deposits), leaves no film and is safe on all plastics and metals. No rinsing necessary.

  • USDA Authorized
  • Non-chlorinated
  • CFC Free
  • Biodegradable
  • Will not contaminate oil
  • Air dries


Super Foam Cleaner - Part #56-099

No-Rinse Degreaser
Available in 16oz. aerosol spray

Super Foam Cleaner is non-corrosive and 100% biodegradable. Its fastacting foam will clean away all grease, grime, dirt, oxidation and oil without the need to rinse with water. Use to deodorize and eliminate the source of unwanted odors while it cleans. Good for cooling coils, boiler jackets, garage floor, engines, motors, white walls, printing presses. Good for hundred of jobs. It’s the only safe way to DEGREASE!

  • Self-rinsing, fast breaking foam
  • Cleans & deodorizes
  • CFC Free, low V.O.C.
  • Biodegradable
  • Will not contaminate oil


Grease Gone - Part #56-130

Heavy Duty Degreaser
Available in 16oz.

Grease Gone is unmatched in its ability to liquefy and lift greasy grime to allow it to be wiped away easily. It cuts through greasy build-up fast and works well on hundreds of applications where heavy oils, grease and grime removal is required. For use on all industrial and farm mechanical parts, tools, machinery, engines, fuel oil related components, bicycles, refrigeration parts and much more. Safe on all hard surfaces.

  • Biodegradable, phosphate free
  • Liquefies grease, carbon, dirt and more for easy clean up
  • Fast and effective
  • Good for hundreds of industrial and household jobs
  • Will not give “hot” readings in waste oil