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pipengo-spec-75 pdf_iconIndirect Heaters Product Brochure (1.44MB)
pdf_iconInstallation Manual (2.7MB)

Pipe n’ Go indirects combine high performance with fast installation and easy servicing. All piping and wiring connections are placed at an easy working height, while sweat unions make plumbing simple. A factory-installed T&P and dial aquastat are included with every unit. The tank uses a seamless plastic liner that will not crack, chip or peel. This polyethylene reservoir is surrounded by high-density urethane insulation and enclosed in a steel outer shell with a durable appliance-like finish. They even include a pre-installed ¼” turn drain.

Standard Features:Pipe-N'Go-cutaway

  • Available in 41- and 80-gallon models.
  • Factory installed piping with ¾” sweat unions.
  • Control, T & P and drain pre-installed.
  • Reversible design for maximum flexibility.
  • Maximized height/diameter spacing to create a chimney effect of thermal currents which scrubs more heat into the water faster.
  • High output capabilities to handle larger demands..

Flexible Warranty Protection Plan:PipeNGo_top_cutaway

  • 6-year Standard Warranty with Limited Lifetime option.
  • Homeowner-purchased upgrade available.
  • Optional warranty upgrade registration included in carton.